Shop talk: Learning the game….

I enjoy a good game of chess. I just lake to play, I could care less honestly on who wins. To me it is an opportunity to take a moment and chat about life. Some people find this a little frustrating because they are too busy thinking out how to win, many do by the way. Yet, others enjoy the conversation and one finds themselves transported all over the spectrum of conversation.

It is also an opportunity to learn. Right now in my career I still very much feel like the student. There is much for me to learn and as I struggle to find the right direction for my work, I rely heavily on opportunities to listen from those that taught me. You are never too old to learn, to grow and to develop. The moment you think you are is the moment you  stop progressing in life.

One of the most frustrating comments to me is “you can’t teach an old dog new tricks.” that’s not really true if the “old dog” still wants to learn. Where does he learn from those that are willing to teach.

We are all at different levels in our ability to play the game. There are those that are willing to give advice, there are those that willing to show you how to do it, there are those that willing to both and then there are those that care only for themselves and their careers. Forgetting that they once needed advice to move on.

I am grateful that I have taken the time to surround my self with those that are willing to help me on my way. I  do not badger  and many times try to figure it all out on my own before I ask and when I do ask I listen…. which is the hardest thing to do. In return, I try and return the favor.

If it wasn’t for many great artist and creators that I know, I would not be on my path today. So I thank them and let them know how much I appreciate their willingness to talk to me. I hope I have honored that advice. As you work  through your journey remember your roots, and remember you can still learn and you need to return the favor that was once given to you.