New Art

As you can tell, in-between books I go a little nuts on my b/w pieces. I use them to learn and develop my trade. Everyone needs to practice.

Some of my pieces are a little more involved as well. Like the one on the right. I have a salt water tank at home and I wondered what it would be like to keep a mermaid in there. How big, filtration system, etc.

So I set one up. Now personally I would have made the tank a little bigger, I do hate seeing animals in enclosures far too small, yet I did make sure the protein skimmer was there as well as a nice filtration system on the right.

Now before you set up your mermaid tank make sure you have your parents permission and the space needed to take care of them. Cleaning can be a bear at times, but honestly no one likes a dirty tanks.

To see all the other new illustrations – just click the pic or follow the link to more floating islands, pirates and a few other surprises.

Stay creative and keep imagining. More artwork to come.