Phoenix Comic Con this weekend

If you are in Phoenix this weekend May 24 to the 27 stop by the Phoenix Comicon.  It is one of the best shows on the west coast and continues to keep growing. There is all sorts of things to do, people to see and artwork to buy. PHOENIX COMICON INFO CAN BE FOUND HERE.

As usual I am sketching for FREE all weekend long. Plus there is an exclusive print that you can only pick up at con. I do one each year for them. They are first come, first serve. This years print is the image at the top.

The Bean Leaf Press booth is 401-403

I will be on the following panels this year.

Lastly I have new prints I am offering this year, I am really excited, yet these you can also buy through my store. Just click each image below to see the new art.

Well keep creating and I look forward to seeing everyone there.




jasparks1 » 2 Dec 2022 » Reply

Look so amazing! We also assure you of a refund if you get subpar an therapy from an assistant here . You are free to make a refund request whenever you feel like what you paid for has not been met. We process and return all refund money swiftly.

~e~ » 12 May 2014 » Reply

Gee, it's too bad your blog doesn't include any years or datestamps…

Jordan Kotzebue » 23 May 2012 » Reply

Love the Phoenix pin-up. I've also heard great things about that show.

lithicbee » 21 May 2012 » Reply

I can't make it to Phoenix but it sounds like it will be a blast, and that exclusive Phoenix print is awesome. Have fun!

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