The Tinkers Shop

The Tinkers Shop 11×14

Coming home after a long day of shopping for groceries and toys for the lab. I am also finally working on a special project, a long time coming really. It’s an artbook. More info to come soon-



gillsing » 14 Feb 2013 » Reply

I take it that the top left part of the building is where he does all the volatile stuff that might cause an explosion? Because if that happened there, it might not damage the main building so much. Or is it the boiler room? And the boiler might explode? That would make even more sense, since he'd be unlikely to survive if something exploded while he was working on it.

Well, I'm just making things up here to explain why the tinker went through that much trouble having that part of the house at 'arm's length', so to speak. I suppose that it could also be a privy! 😉

    trav » 15 Feb 2013 » Reply

    i like to think that it might be the privy:)

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