Wondercon Update and Review Day 3-

Wondercon Recap and Review-

Well, what a show, that’s really all I can say. It was a fantastic day, despite the fact the rain came down in literal buckets.

Well first off- The FREE SKETCH TOTAL WAS 575!

Now with that out of the way lets get back to the recap. Being a art lover and comic fan myself I spent a little bit of the morning making the rounds for the kids to see what wonderful new things I could find to bring home for them.

1st stop was kid Beowolf a great book series that my kids adore by Alexis E. Fajardo. So when I found he had a new book I had to snag it. You can visit his stuff here at http://www.kidbeowulf.com/

From what my kids say, his stories are great and infact it was this book they fought over first. So to me that is a tribute to fun work of Alexis.

After that, I wondered the hall, and talked to several other friends and colleagues and found myself in front of a booth, I was excited to see at the show this year.

The World of William Stout

Next I found my way over to the incredible work of William Stout- More on this later – I will say I have been a fan of his work for many many years. His dinos are some of the most incredible art pieces I have ever seen. I grabbed his next two books, which I will say are a steal.

You must check out this incredible work- You can see a lot of Williams work here at http://www.williamstout.com/

William has been an incredible special inspiration for me over the years and one day I might even tell the store about it:).

After talking with William for a bit I headed over to some of my most favorite people at the shows and that Daniel and Donna Davis.

Now lets finish it off with some work from my dear friends at Steam Crow

Just picked up monster commute which was devoured at home amidst all the kisses and thank you’s. Daniels work is absolutely incredible and has such a unique vibe I completely recommend checking his incredible mindframe here at www.steamcrow.com.

Now you have to go check out the incredible work of Jason Palmer. We had the pleasure to sit next to them and let me tell you I am at awe at his ability to capture people the way he does. His work is fantastic and I really enoyed getting to know him and his sweet wife, who said that when you google my name i come up as a porn star, who knew?:) Well hopefully we will be able to change that one day.

Anyways I am looking forward to seeing them again 🙂

Now for other news. Issue 4 is now available online. 

The new prints will go up in a day or two I am still recovering, since many of you know we usually drive straight home afterwords. I will say also that the FREEMEN had it down, one of the most organized efforts I have ever seen. It was very pleasant and I so look forward to Wondercon next year.

Now I have to finish up a project for the phoenix comic con- big announcement on that later. Yet let’s just say Matt twisted my arm pretty hard to get it done in the next day or two.

Well more to come later, Thanks once again for the opportunity to do so many sketches and have so much fun with all the wonderful people that came to see us at the show, we had a blast. You made us smile, laugh and even cry at times and it people like you that make the shows worthwhile.

Have a wonderful day