The Bean 728
The Bean 728
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Good morning- Sorry for the late update- it has been a rough week as we deal with a death in the extended family and the mess that comes with it. I will still be around and will still post pages, just my be a little quiet….

Sorry about that. Anyways keep creating and enjoy the adventure.




Celidah » 20 Feb 2017 » Reply

So sorry for your loss, Trav. My prayers are with your family.

dubiuousbyhabit » 20 Feb 2017 » Reply

Dead vision kings sure can be pushy.

Lurker » 20 Feb 2017 » Reply

Kings don’t get voted for… they are kings ‘cos they’re born to be kings. 😀

hoomi2 » 20 Feb 2017 » Reply

How did 'e get to be king? I didn't vote for him!

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