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Hello my friends- there is a lot going on right now. It has been 10 weeks since I found myself completely on my own as a professional illustrator. I have found that this has really been a test of faith, a test of skill, and a test of discipline.  To see what I am involved with and working on. I have several shows that will finish off the year, I might add one or two if I find the right ones. I am also running an incredible patreon campaign to color the bean comic. It is truly an epic undertaking and the support is growing.

Also my commissions are in full gear. I am always open to helping others follow their dreams. I want people to dream big, to see their dreams become reality and to enjoy the grand adventure. If I can help them create their books, design their characters and worlds, or just do art for them, than I too am accomplishing things.

Well keep creating and dreaming big.

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