Win original art from Travis Hanson


Each month I create an opportunity for someone to win original art from the Bean series. These are unique character pieces made especially for my patreon campaign. They are not small either. I wanted to reward those on the higher tiers with a special gift.  This original art is part of that reward system.

What is this all about. Well I am in the process of coloring the Bean right now. It is a huge undertaking and for the last 15 years has a been a labor of love. I want to keep the comic free for people, yet I still have to eat and coloring the books is not a cheap task. Patreon allows you to help support this cause. Even at a $1 an update or a set amount each month. You create a way for the story to be seen in full color. It’s a pretty awesome system and I hope you take a moment to check it out.

I just want to keep the dream going and you make it possible for that dream to continue.

So if you want to help just visit and read over what I am trying to do. You can always cap – all I am asking for is a $1.00 an update (which you can cap at anytime… so it could be a $1 a month)… and if you decide that you can offer a little more… you will have an opportunity to win some awesome art each month.

Keep Creating-



The original inks that were won last month… Otter….