The Bean 1
The Bean 1
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Welcome to the world of the Bean.

BIG UPDATE! Bean is going to color- 1 page at a time….

Since I am now working for myself, I am going to go back and start coloring Bean. The reason is as a b/w comic I am finding my possibilities to really share the bean very limited. Most stores want color books over b/w and so I am going back and working through the books to be in full color. This will help things quite a bit. This is a huge undertaking and to make this work I am looking at …. This will allow you to help support this project and keep this incredible tale moving forward. It’s been a labor of love for a long time and I will need a lot of support and help to keep it going.

Once I have enough pages colored and if I haven’t found a publisher yet, I will kickstart the color books as well. This though will not stop the story from progressing. I will continue to update one b/w page a week until I build up my reserves once again to increase that. There will be more info coming this week about Patreon, the bean in coloring and making this dream a reality.

The biggest question on my mind- would you be willing to support bean for $1 or 2 a month (or more) to help me color this story that many of you have enjoyed since 2009? I still will post for free though.

What is Bean about?

Bean is the epic adventure of a dishwasher…. 🙂

Just so you know, I like epics. I am fan of LOTR and Bone (all 1500+ pages). I love the original Quest by the Pini’s and fantasy in general.

So as you start this quest, it will take a bit to get the action going. I am in no hurry.  I update every monday – but that might change as now i am working on bean full time. I am also taking my time to craft this tale and as you read on you will understand why.  I would encourage you to not stop at 20 pages because you have only scratched the surface. Yet don’t fret, there is an ending, that is already written. The fun part will be getting there.

What makes things even more exciting is Bean was nominated for an Eisner in 2011. A huge feat for a b/w webcomic.

Keep Creating, leave a comment or two, I’ll always respond and enjoy the adventure.



ironhenry » 13 Sep 2010 » Reply

Thank you Aaron for stopping by! I really appreciate it.

Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

I thought about it with the leaves after i drew it, so then i thought- this is the first day of fall and those are the first leaves to justify it:) Good call though i will have to step up my game a little.

I look forward to you hanging out in the inn as well- there are good eats inside:)

ironhenry » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

Thanks Timothy, for your in-depth reply!

Aquila audax » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

This comic is so beautiful, I didn't think it could be improved. It is almost like when I was a kid and we had an old black and white tv for years, and then my Dad surprised us with a colour one. It was as though the colours cam from my imagination into the real world. It is like that again for me! Thank you!

    ironhenry » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Ha! – I remember that. I came up from the shower one night and there was this big color TV there.

    Thank you so much for the wonderful compliment!

    Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

    funny i barely remember that- yet i can remember having to turn channels with a pair if pliers. I am glad to see how this affected you. it inspires me to keep going-

Jason » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

I love this! It really pushes it to the next level. I think your color choices are great as well. I think coloring a page here or there whenever you feel like it would be fine. You might even try coloring key pages just to give people more of a feel for the scenes. I agree with others that you should continue with the B&W since you are already so far along with that plan but toying with the color along the way is an excellent choice. This is soooooo good looking!

    Trav the bean » 16 Jun 2010 » Reply

    I plan on keeping with the b.w. it has always been my intention to color this, yet time has always been an issue – I can really see 1 page a week in color for the archives. Sort of something for the true fan. I am glad you like it. I really appreciate your input.


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