The Bean 2
The Bean 2
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As many of you know I am working on coloring the bean. I am loving it. I am working patreon campaign to help fund this huge endeaver and if you want to know more about it- keep your eyes posted. Also if you want another way to help support the bean, please go to the store and pick up one of the books.  Trav’s Store with all his art and books, every bit helps keep the bean up and running!

Thanks again and keep creating.



Lurker » 11 Jul 2013 » Reply

Typo: "exquisitly" -> "exquisitely"

ephbiocumfidd » 4 Aug 2012 » Reply


Scott » 30 Sep 2011 » Reply

In the spirit of healthy and helpful (not negative!) criticism, I wonder something:

Question, if this inn is on "a little used road" … there would never be that many people in the common room (unless there was a specific event – which you must mention). You may respond that "they're all locals!" Well, if that were the case, "a little used road" is incorrect again. Hope the internal consistency improves … Lack of attention to continuity kills 90% of fantasy/sci-fi out there.

I love your work !!! Just the atmosphere / artwork / storyline I like 🙂

    Trav the bean » 30 Sep 2011 » Reply

    the inn sits on a road in the forest of darkleaf, more in the back hills. there are several farms – but it is not your normal small town community. It is several hours journey, but they have a reputation for their wines and spirits. It is also a jumping point for adventurers and while some nights are busy, many are not. I pay attention 🙂 and have reasoning behind my madness, yet you bring up a good point.

Artsy » 7 Nov 2010 » Reply

I love the rhymes. Definitely a GREAT way to start an already fantastic looking comic, even at this point.

Asthayanax » 1 Nov 2010 » Reply

Wow, looks good. Kinda has a 'Asterix & Obelix' vibe, loved those hard cover comics. Wouldn't be surprised to see this selling well as hard-cover or something later on. :3

timmothy » 4 Sep 2010 » Reply

The scene is nicely set with the two pieces. The common room is more crowded than I anticipated, obviously popular with the locals and perhaps two largish travelling parties met for the night. Looks noisy with lots of competing conversations. I like your firelight in the room. I also like the two insets–the bottles of wine also fire lit and I appreciate the serving woman's tray ending up in the middle foreground. Nicely done.

    ironhenry » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Thanks timmothy! I enjoy reading your carefully transcribed perceptions of the comic.

    Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

    hey tim – so which party would you be from or are you a lone traveler that is looking for a rest before your next big adventure?

Hoomi » 2 Sep 2010 » Reply

Awesome coloring! Incorporating the firelight into the tones on the characters and settings really brings a lot more life to the scene.

I enjoyed reading through the archives the first time through, and I can see it's going to be fun to revisit the pages again once they're colored.

    ironhenry » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Thank you Hoomi! I appreciate you taking the time to write. Cheers!

    Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

    i am glad your jazzed about this- I am as well, it seems to be reading this for the first time and i am excited about it as well.

Jason » 31 Aug 2010 » Reply

Trav – Love the new colors and I'm glad you are able to keep moving forward on the story too. You're smart to find someone who can help out.

Great color work Ben!

    Trav the bean » 1 Sep 2010 » Reply

    there is still a lot to do. The really cool thing is how similar our coloring skills are, which is a real plus.

    Hey congrats on getting funded as well – you'll have to keep me informed on how well that works.

    ironhenry » 6 Sep 2010 » Reply

    Thank you Jason! I'll do my best to keep up 😉

winterchronicles » 12 Aug 2010 » Reply

Crikey, Kilala, it's only the second page!

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