The Bean 3
The Bean 3
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Here is the next page of the bean in color. It is a labor of love and a slow process, but as more and more people join our patreon campaign that allows me to be able to dedicate more time. For only a $1 update you can also become a patron of the arts.

Keep creating –



Alexa Chris » 17 May 2022 » Reply

No doubt you are one of the God gifted writers who just pick up the pen and start writing. And each and everything falls in a right place. Whenever I Hire professional ebook writer I always look for previous work to clear my doubt about quality work

Cheaper Domains » 8 Oct 2021 » Reply

You are a talented artist and very funny. I believe you will succeed in this field.

Arlene » 8 Sep 2010 » Reply

The colors look great. I love how they add so much depth to the font in the last panel.

Scott » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

Holy crap and a half, those are some awesome colours!

Nicoli » 31 Jul 2010 » Reply

I love that last panel. The craggy font gives a great indication of his voice.

    Trav the bean » 7 Sep 2010 » Reply

    thanks i struggled about how was the best way to tackle that.
    i am glad it worked

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