The Bean 393
The Bean 393
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Good morning- there it’s a busy week. There’s a lot going on so I am here and I am not here. The biggest hing is this week i am building a video for the kickstarter project for book 3 – that should be released next week.

Also we are getting ready for SDCC which is another big event. Just so much to do.

Page thoughts for today: I really enjoy the fact i am back outside in the world today. I tried some new effects with trees as well. I liked how those came out. – Not really much more to say about whats going on:)

Keep enjoying the pages and keep creating




Shawn Granger » 27 Jun 2012 » Reply

Lovely work. I really like your treatment of the background.

Zachary » 26 Jun 2012 » Reply

Oh and I really like your affects on the trees…it gives a different POV to the scene.

    trav » 27 Jun 2012 » Reply

    thank you – it came out really nice

Zachary » 26 Jun 2012 » Reply

I'm not sure what that beast is..but I can guarantee he doesn't look friendly.

Celidah » 26 Jun 2012 » Reply

Oh, he doesn't look friendly.

    trav » 27 Jun 2012 » Reply

    oh he is not:)

Grey Matter » 25 Jun 2012 » Reply

Do most of those large creatures have amulets or is this a new thing for this particular creature? I'd check through previous pages, but it's getting late…..

What do the amulets do? Give me spoilers!! 😉

    trav » 27 Jun 2012 » Reply

    Actually those creature are Gre-nels… and there are several running around the world of the brokenmoon:) the amulet or medallion has a part in the world but not at all like you would thing. You will have to go back through the books and you will see:)

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