The Bean 419
The Bean 419
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Hello all- I hope everyone is doing well and being creative.

So here are the updates on Book 3- I know a lot of people are curious on what is going on and how the whole process works and where I am at with things. We will start with the inside pages.

I have 2 pages of bonus pages for the book to draw. I am excited with the extra pages in the book- I think it will add so much more flavor. I also have a few spot illustrations to add to the book as well. (just small pieces). The book is back in edits. This were I do all the clean up, have the spelling and grammar checked and do the final prep for print. It is also where I go over all the art to make sure it is good.

The cover is all but done- In fact I am finishing that tonight. I have to add one last quote.  Once that is done I will double check that and prep the artwork for print. This means I am converting it all to cmyk for print.

Now once that is done I will finish all the cards and the rest of the maps. plus all the custom artwork for people who pledged that amount. I am excited to see how it all works out.

I will be posting the cover soon and it looks like the downloadable pdf version will be available very very soon.

Thank again for all your support, I really appreciate the how so many of you have stood by me as this story continues to unfold. Thank you

So keep creating



SpandexDoom » 26 Sep 2012 » Reply

Chiming in with another take on the Dragon genre:
Gordon R. Dickson……very good

    trav » 27 Sep 2012 » Reply

    a lot of good books thrown out there

Swordsmith » 25 Sep 2012 » Reply

Ah, but is it a statue or a long forgotten guardian of the keep in enchanted stasis awaiting the call of his long dead countrymen. Could Bean be the one chosen to awaken him? Just wonderin'.

    trav » 27 Sep 2012 » Reply

    interesting thoughts there. hmmmm…..

susan » 24 Sep 2012 » Reply

Is that Siv?

maliktous » 24 Sep 2012 » Reply

Bah, stereotype george and dragon scam… I'd prefer the 'Lord Elpus' version, where the knight ordered to 'bring the (greedy corrupt) king the dragon's head' brought back the whole dragon seemingly intact and immobile. When the king tried to capitalise on this, he got eaten and the knight kept the deal he'd negotiated with the dragon – employed as the royal air force and paid so he'd turn a profit while being able to buy cows without getting farmers mad at him. Or perhaps a simpler version where the intact dragon offers the knight a slain wolverine or other livestock predator in a peace effort.

    Trav the bean » 24 Sep 2012 » Reply

    hopefully i will surprise you

    Wilm Roget » 25 Sep 2012 » Reply

    You would like this book then:

    I had a copy when I was a kid – a great reversal of the standard dragon slaying story. Maybe you can find it at the library. Can't really tell you the plot without giving too much of the story away, but it was nice to find a dragon story that incorporated certain elements of reptilian biology beyond laying eggs.

      maliktous » 25 Sep 2012 » Reply

      Thanks, I'll have to see if any of my local bookstores (B&N, Book People) have it. I found a nice Barbara Hambly novel where the solution was to destroy a greedy sorceror's control over the dragon, not the dragon himself. Also McCaffrey's 'Pern' novels involve human colonists on an alien world fighting Arrhenius spore invasions while riding local fire breathing sentient dragons…

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