Well – i am working hard on finishing the next section- 9 pages left to go- hopefully we will have it all done and ready by the end of the month. There is a lot going on- i just wanted to say hi- and hope everyone is enjoying the story. Kickstarter update- we are almost […]

Kickstarter update- We are almost at the halfway point with about 30 days to go! The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince.  If you enjoy this tale please tell […]

Kickstarter update- We are over halfway there with 29 days to go! But still have a ways to go. The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince.  If you enjoy […]

Kickstarter update-  $2300 to go! We are over halfway there with 27 days to go! But still have a ways to go. The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all your support. You can pledge here at the Bean vol 2: the Lost Prince.  […]

Well there is a lot going on and i mean a lot- I am working really hard on finishing several commissions and  the pages for vol 3. It is part of the reason why I have been quiet these last few weeks. I must apologize for all the spelling issues these last few updates. Everything […]

Scene change…. Also starting at the beginning of the year we will go to twice a week for a while- with so much going on – i dont want any break in updating …. this is the best – we will move back to tues and fridays if that is ok. Also please help our […]

Well we are down to the wire on the funding of vol 2. If you would like your name in the book as well as FREE SHIPPING on the book.  You only have 3 days left.  The best deal is the $30 pledge, you will get both vol 1 & 2. Thanks again for all […]

VOL 2: the Lost Prince – just FUNDED! THANK YOU ALL FOR MAKING THIS POSSIBLE! Today’s update and other tidbits I want you to know that sometimes drawing architecture drives me nuts. It just does, and here I wanted to have a vaulted ceiling with all the trimmings. I do like how it came out […]

Leave it to a dragon… Fighting a bit of the flu- which has seemed to attack the whole family and as luck would have it I am the last one to get it. So I sit locked away in my room contemplating on how to beat this thing. Thank goodness it only last a day […]

Distribution and Monopolies: So today I found out that Haven distributors went under a few weeks back. This is a very frustrating bit of information to swallow, because now Diamond is the only one left and they haven’t been very friendly to independents. Why is this an issue for me, well it just makes it […]

Thought I would take a moment and share the whole illustration process. This piece just came from a blank piece of paper. Most of my images do. It was shot with over 5900 stills, which were meshed together at high-speed. It’s just a quick glimpse into my madness…. feel free to share and keep creating. […]

WELL I AM OFF TO EMERALD CITY COMIC CON! It’s gonna be a fantastic weekend- even though i did a very costly boneheaded travel blunder and booked my flight for last weekend and not this weekend. It cost $1400 to rebook for my crew and I. A learning lesson for sure, one that was quite […]

I am heading home from one of the most incredible shows on the west coast. I had a blast and let me tell you the adventure was worth it. I would hope if you are ever up in seattle you need to check out the show, which happens in march. I’ll do a full write […]

It’s nice to get the drive back. I have felt that it has been a rough couple of months, yet eccc has really put me back on track. It feels nice. Refocused on Bean and almost all the books have been sent out for the kickstarter project. If you are interested i wrote a huge […]

(if the comic looks small, refresh your screen please) It’s really late- in fact in about 10 minutes this is going up anyways.There is a lot of cool stuff I am working on right now. I am very pleased with the current bean pages as well as this new project I am involved in. You […]

We start into chapter 11 today, that’s a good thing. Also it’s a week and a half to phoenix comicon. I still have a lot to do and work on to prep for this show and the one after it. I’ll be posting info and new prints on mondays update, including where we will be. […]

This is a big week for us. There is so much going on these next few weeks- yet it is not doom and gloom:) It’s just busy.  If you read the blog, you’ll see my phoenix comic update. It’s gonna be a wonderful and yet very exciting and busy weekend. I really love the phoenix […]

Well phoenix comic con is done and I am home- Full show write up coming in a few moments.    

Trav’s Tidbits & Other Notes: There is something to be said about a good comicon. If the show is good, it can do re-jump start an artist in a very positive way. Phoenix Comicon was that show. It was a show I needed this year and one that has put an extra boost in my […]

I am traveling today to the ACE show in New Mexico. If you are in Albuquerque stop on by to the Albuquerque Comic Expo. As usual if you are in the area and want a FREE sketch stop on by. It’s been a busy week and there have been all sorts of projects old and […]

Can you believe we are about to break the 390 mark. I am a little blown away by that. The scary thing is we have a long ways to go and I am just at the tip of the ice-berg. Well last night we got in at about 12:30. I am a little tired. Some […]

So many cool things happening right now. I wish I honestly had a little more time to get even more done. The biggest news is blog post Bean vol 3: Broken Souls & kickstarter preview… This is exactly what it means. The 3rd book of bean has a name and will start it’s kickstarter run […]

Check out my new imagination cartoons. A series that deals with how important it is to live in your imagination. I will update these on off days. There is no set dates, since I am just doing these for me and my kids, but I felt that it is important to share. To see the […]

So I had written this really awesome post here the other day. I mean it was inspiring and deep. I was excited that I was ahead of the game as well… Then I woke up this morning and realized … “hey were is it”. I thought I had saved it, but I guess I did […]

Well I now have 8 pages to add to book 3.  I am looking forward to it. I am really excited. Our next stretch goal will be a new book- though i am thinking of adding one at the 15,000 mark. Thanks again for helping get the word out and supporting this tale. The more […]

Time is running out. We are almost done about 2 weeks left. Also school started for my kids so this is a little short today. keep creating trav

That’s right only 10 days left to back the Bean Vol 3.  If you back this project you get all sorts of cool benefits — like your name in the back of the book and a free sketch in the front of every printed book. There are also other perks to backing the bean. 8 […]

That’s right only 7 days left. This is the push. Please share, push, invite everyone you know that loves fantasy and indy comics to come back the bean. We are almost done:) Also here is the cover ink to vol 3. When designing the covers I try really hard to find a moment in the […]

Just 4 days left and $1000 shy of our stretch goal of $15000.  Thanks so much for your support of the art. Also hope you are enjoying the story so far, especially about the dragon:) keep creating trav

the Bean vol 3: Broken Souls is now funded! Thank you so much to all those that shared, pushed and backed this project. I am humbled, honored and excited that people enjoy my work enough to fund it. (one day we will do color).  I could have never done this without you! thank you. To […]

Well – here’s today’s update. I am really sorry about the spelling issues in the last few pages. I will try and make sure it is better. The good news is that before it goes to press, it goes through a lot edit passes. I really feel bad about the last few days, and there […]

A little more to the puzzle has been answered. Working hard on finishing the book- Also getting ready for comikaze next weekend. I will post the information on monday. trav

This is a pic of my friend Troy and myself (I am standing). It has been 25 years since Troy and I have seen each other face to face. When I moved from LA we lost contact, until a year or so ago when we found each other on facebook. We’ve changed a bit from […]

Working on several things right now. I am prepping for Comikaze in LA is in two days. Plus  I am working on all the bonus material for the kickstarter project as well as some new prints. It’s been quite busy. I am also dealing with some health issues, just trying to sort things all out. […]

update- Comikaze Review… and how to make young cons better! Is now up – see what a vendor thought of the con here. Good morning- (or afternoon). I am reeling in the aftermath of comikaze. I will be posting my review of the show soon from an exhibitors point of view – so it will be […]

I remember the age when I first fell in love with fantasy art. Dragons, goblins, trolls, wizards, spiders, wood elves, dwarves and a hobbit. I was 6 years old when Rankin/Bass created their version of the Tolkien’s work the hobbit. I remember my dad letting us stay up to watch it when it aired on […]

Hello all- I hope everyone is doing well and being creative. So here are the updates on Book 3- I know a lot of people are curious on what is going on and how the whole process works and where I am at with things. We will start with the inside pages. I have 2 […]

I hope everyone is enjoying the story so far. So I have question for you first of all before we get into the nitty-gritty. Who’s your favorite character of the story so far and why… I like to ask this every now and then. Ok on to comic updates and book progress. Book 3 has […]

Win an original ink by Me- Yup an original one of a kind, dragon ink. You have to enter the contest and to find out the rules, just click the image below to find out all the details. Book 3 updates. I am almost done with it and it should be heading to press next […]

Today is the day we call the winner of the $150 print. Click here for all the fun. Also Book 3 is going to the printer today. Pretty wild to see this happening. Ok gonna be a busy day – prepping for APE this week as well. Anyways keep creating- trav

Quick update-The books are at the printer.Very excited about that and the to all those that backed our kickstarter project, your digital version of book 3 has been sent to you. Keep an eye out in your spam folder. Ok I am prepping for ape now and will be off and on for the next […]

Finished the first page of book 4- That is good. Exciting. Book 3 is on press. They told me after the 5th it should all ship. I hate waiting personally 🙂 But once we get the books we drop it all to get the rewards out. Also finishing all the little extras, Maps, etc… Well […]

Back in town- which is good. We should have book 3 in about week. Now back to being creative- trav  

Getting ready for the tucson comic con this weekend. Last show of the year and then i get a few month off. I have a lot of appearances already set up for next year. I will post my con schedule for next year in a few weeks. Today’s update: As you can see there is […]

Back from the tuscon comic con and still sick as a dog… we’ll talk later. keep creating trav

Still sick – but at least i am improving- it is nice to finally be back working- now i have a lot to catch up on. People to pester and art to create. keep creating trav

So tonight, or last night, depending on when you have read this page. I started a very exciting project. I tried to sign about 600 books – 3, 2 and 1. Nothing like finally getting the kickstarter rewards in full gear. Books should start shipping in about 2 weeks. Well back to signing. Keep creating […]

Ok almost done with all the kickstarter rewards, the sickness and the side projects. After this week we should be able to jump back into the world of bean full time. Thanks for the support and keep creating trav

Amazed by how some educators, teachers and people in general treat comics and comic creators. Like we are all lazy, non-talented story tellers, who produce work of nothing but pictures that has no value for kids and that our careers are basically a joke…. you are really misguided. Comics are not just about zombies and […]

1st off – thank you to everyone that participated in the kickstarter project to get book 3 printed. You were amazing and I can tell you that all the books and rewards have been sent. I could not have done this without you. I am grateful and humbled by your help. Also for everyone that […]

Things are going good- Working on some awesome projects right now, including book 4. Pretty excited about where book 4 is going, it’s really been a wild ride in scripting. Also if you want to pick up a few prints and some books, head on over to the store. If you order before the 20th […]

From my family to all of you, we would like to pass on some warm christmas greetings. May your days be merry, bright and we hope you remember that you take the spirit of the season, which is giving and apply to your whole year. Serve each other and be kind- love travis, janell, krystia, […]

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