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I remember the age when I first fell in love with fantasy art. Dragons, goblins, trolls, wizards, spiders, wood elves, dwarves and a hobbit. I was 6 years old when Rankin/Bass created their version of the Tolkien’s work the hobbit. I remember my dad letting us stay up to watch it when it aired on national TV. I loved it then, I still love it now. The songs, the voice acting- especially John Huston (gandalf), Theodore (gollum), richard boone (smaug) and the rest of the cast. The visual illustrations were unlike anything i had ever scene, and honestly it was then, I decided I wanted to draw fantasy like that.Β Β What made the show so powerful to a 6 year old then, and what still resonates with me today, is how well they crafted the tale. I find gollum far more terrifying as voiced by theodore than I do from andy serkis (no offense he did a great job) but Theodore’s voice chills me to this day. I can remember crying at the end. It is a shame that we do not create animated features like this. The drew their story their way and it inspires still to create fantasy. I know to some it doesn’t hold up to the anime and animation that we see today, yet take a moment and revisit it and you might just see how a simple well made cartoon, with incredible voice acting, inspired 6 year old boy to become a fantasy artist.

Keep creating-



RockNRollDude » 29 Mar 2013 » Reply

Never give up your dreams and animation and toons have no limits.
I'm a Rockaholic and a RockNRollDude.
Peace + Love!
Rock N Roll Dude

msouth » 21 Sep 2012 » Reply

I also loved The Hobbit movie, and spent many, many hours drawing from the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

When I think of animation done with careful/loving attention to the craft, my first thoughts are of Studio Ghibli.

As proof that they also inspire art, you should see my three year old's drawings of the demon from Princess Mononoke and the big totoro from Totoro. πŸ™‚

    Trav the bean » 21 Sep 2012 » Reply

    I also think of studio ghibli when i think of careful loving attention to the craft- nausica was my first studio ghibli experience…. yet it was the hobbit that kicked it all off πŸ™‚

Asryth » 20 Sep 2012 » Reply

Not fair…to ask us what it’s got in its nasty pocketses!!!! Gollum!!

AP. Furtado » 20 Sep 2012 » Reply

Ditto, Trav. πŸ™‚

Grey Matter » 20 Sep 2012 » Reply

Famous last words……

Rune » 20 Sep 2012 » Reply

"Eggs! Eggs, my precious!"

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