The Bean 665
The Bean 665
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patreonsmalladGood morning. Back from fan fest and i am tired, but in a good mood. The show was fun and it was nice seeing family and friends again. Shout out to the phoenix crew, who put that together.

It’s also nice to be back, with some open time for the next several weeks. I am looking forward to that.

Big news though, this is the last page to chapter 17 and next week we start chapter 18 of the bean. Looking forward to seeing what will happen to our young dishwasher. Though I do laugh to myself that the first page to 18 is 666… sigh 🙂

Well back to the grind stone – with new books and new pages.

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Reza » 20 Apr 2019 » Reply

The comic storyline is very good, cool

Wilma Valentine » 27 Dec 2017 » Reply

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Celidah » 15 Dec 2015 » Reply

Yeah, Bean. You can trust him as far as you can throw him.

    seuraaron » 16 Dec 2015 » Reply

    Bean could probably through him a fair distance, with the swords help.

John » 9 Dec 2015 » Reply

Yeah… I'll believe him… when water freezes on the sun, among other things.

garvin » 8 Dec 2015 » Reply

The old man there is playing with fire and doesn't even know it.

Mike » 7 Dec 2015 » Reply

I think Bean looses control again and ganadon cut him in half length ways, which would then leave poor old bean having to deal with killing his own father….

HadrianMQ » 7 Dec 2015 » Reply

Dude – you are gonna die.

Hoomi » 7 Dec 2015 » Reply

You're keeping us in suspense, Trav.

What I'm wondering is how Otter or Papa hasn't come looking for Bean.

    Glenn » 7 Dec 2015 » Reply

    Bean is only the reason why they're there, so how could they not know exactly where he is every minute?

    Celidah » 9 Dec 2015 » Reply

    They might be hanging back watching how Bean handles this. That's what I think, anyway.

    Trav the bean » 10 Dec 2015 » Reply

    Remember this is happening in a few minutes… a lot can happen in a 10 min spread…

goosefairy » 7 Dec 2015 » Reply

Yeah, right.

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