The Bean 755
The Bean 755
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Sorry for the wait and such. Bean has returned…

Right now i will be working in Black and White to keep the story going- but I am going to be working on the beginning chapters to get the whole story colored. The key is to keep the story moving forward along with LOTP.

There is a whole lot going on behind the scenes. A whole lot of cool things. I will be posting more on that in a bit.

Keep creating



Olivier » 17 May 2019 » Reply

The Bean is back! That's fantastic!

Punninghood » 10 Nov 2018 » Reply

Yipee! I actually missed your return do to the apocalypse landing in Florida!

Celidah » 25 Sep 2018 » Reply

It's back! HUZZAH! I admit that my hope was fading, but good to see more Bean. And I'm with the others–I like the B&W. Welcome back!

LittleOne » 25 Sep 2018 » Reply

Yay, the Bean is back! I've been checking regularly waiting for this day!

Herve S. » 23 Sep 2018 » Reply

saved by the uncancelled RSS feed 😉

Dan » 22 Sep 2018 » Reply

Thank you! I’d given up hope. Along with Kuggur I always liked the black and white as much as the color.

    Trav the bean » 26 Sep 2018 » Reply

    i am glad that you have not given up hope – the key is to keep the story going.

Hoomi » 21 Sep 2018 » Reply

Now the big question – Is this the creepy guy still begging to be killed, or is this Bean fans crying out for the updates? 😀

Or maybe both?

Kuggur » 21 Sep 2018 » Reply

I actually quite liked the original black and white version, so no complaints here.
Great that the story is up and running again ( though LOTP did a fine job of keeping me amused in the hiatus).

    Trav the bean » 26 Sep 2018 » Reply

    Lotp is my main focus so I will keep you smiling there and bean is back on the update list as well.

Dvon E » 21 Sep 2018 » Reply

Welcome back.

No worries about black & white. Chaplin turned out great silent films after the rest of the industry had gone with talkies, and most of us discovered The Bean long before your color updates.

Keep doing quality. The audience will follow.

    Trav the bean » 26 Sep 2018 » Reply

    Thank you and I am not worried about it. Bean is a very long term project 🙂

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