The Bean 754
The Bean 754
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The adventure continues….

I will have announcement on bean in a couple of weeks. Something very big is happening with the Bean and it’s direction. Something that will make the Bean more available to everyone else…. I am very excited about it.


I am sorry that i have been a little silent- just a lot has happened and figuring out a direction has been rather tough. Yet it looks like I am finding a few answers in being able to continue this adventure.




Matt » 8 Sep 2018 » Reply

I just finished reading the archive and when I saw the last update was in Feb with no reason given I was afraid something had happened to Travis, but a quick web search showed he has posted on Facebook as recently as 2 days ago (09/06/18), so hopefully he has just stepped away for a while and will eventually be back. I'd love to see more of the story.

connectr » 6 Sep 2018 » Reply

And the weeks turn into months ….

Bruce » 24 Aug 2018 » Reply


Dan » 29 Jun 2018 » Reply

Come on Travis, even with four months of inactivity and no explanation of why, you are still getting over 100 votes / month on
Please give us something, an explanation, an update, or a goodby. I love this story. I’ve bought the books and I hope it continues but please do something.
Thanks for all the sweet dreams.

Lurker » 19 Jun 2018 » Reply

Hope this finds you well, Trav… still hoping to see the continuation of this great story. Have been following it since its early days, and absolutely can’t wait to see how everything pans out.

Mike » 28 May 2018 » Reply

Sad to see this series die after such a great run, but after 4 months of zero activity its obvious that the truth of the matter is loss of interest in the cartoon by the author. Whether it started with behind the scenes activity or not 4 months of nothing and slow updating before that is classic sign of shifting interests. Which IS the author's right. I'll miss the cartoon as I wanted to see where it went, but can understand burnout. Been there myself.

    The Puck 1 » 2 Jun 2018 » Reply

    OR he is busy with paying work

      Mike » 18 Jun 2018 » Reply

      I do paying work 40+ hours a week and still have time to run 2 RPG campaigns, hit the gym and other activities. 4+ months of nothing is total lack of interest, not lack of time.

        calvsie » 9 Jul 2018 » Reply

        I have the feeling something is happening behind the scenes. Life of the Party is getting updated regularly. Also glad to see you have your life together, but content creators really owe no explanation when they need to take a hiatus.

Chris » 14 Mar 2018 » Reply

I think by now it is evident that the creature represents Travis Hanson and his desire to "kill" the cartoon at this point.

    trav » 18 Mar 2018 » Reply

    i hope not- there is still much going on behind the scenes- there is talk with a publisher at the moment- and so i am trying to get it all figured out.

      glenn » 22 Mar 2018 » Reply

      Deal With A Publisher from a position of strength: When you have a completed story that is money to both you and the publisher. Otherwise they will be able to "push you around" and you won't get the best deal!
      (Sorry, but it seems there are fewer Eagles now days and a lot more Vultures…!)

glenn » 9 Mar 2018 » Reply

All they have to do is turn off the machines that keep him alive (?)

A.C. » 13 Feb 2018 » Reply

You know Trav, it just occured to me reading this, Cancer Man (AKA the smoking guy from X-Files) would basically be this way if he had so much as a shred of decency. This guy has done some horrific things, but at least he has the pathos to realise how meaningless it all was in the end. What is power without love, belonging? A loud, explosive fire of nothing, I would say. But as Aaron puts it, does he deserve pity, or mercy? Or is this meaningless existence fair punishment for all the wrongs he’s wrought? Ah, the dilemma! O_O

    travis » 13 Feb 2018 » Reply

    rough isn't it

    Deoxy » 16 Feb 2018 » Reply

    Whether he deserves the mercy, his future victims deserve it, so yeah, end him.

Aaron » 8 Feb 2018 » Reply

That's… kind of sad. Pitiable, though I suppose he may not really deserve that pity.


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