There is a cold reality to war… Hopefully our band of refugees will make it to the lower halls. We are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. If you want to get your books before anyone else and all the little goodies sign up.

Crested over the 9ooo mark on our kickstarter. 236 people are getting their books before we release them to the masses as of right now. There are 29 days left and if you want in – head on over to our kickstarter project. Also I have been posting more art in the imagination series- I […]

Good morning – if you haven’t noticed yet- there have been some major changes here at Bean Leaf Press. Changes for the good. It has been a wild ride, all due to a hacker. Yet it has resulted in a more secure site with all my blogs, art pieces, and comics in one spot. Also […]

I do hope you are enjoying the new site. Still tweaking (not twerking) things here, but I am much happier. Also I hope you go to the home page. There is a ton of new art, new blogs, and some exciting news. Just trying to make things fun for everyone. Keep creating trav  

I hope everyone had and incredible christmas. It was a fantastic two days of not doing anything. Now it’s time to get back into work, more pages incoming. trav  

So much going on. The Bean is in full gear right now as well as my other story which is kickstarting right now. Book 4 should be finished by the end of the year. I am excited with it’s direction as I start chapter 16 soon. Thanks again for all the incredible support. keep creating […]

  There are a lot of changes going on in my life… All are amazing- One thing is I will have a lot more time for commissions, projects and other illustration work – the other is I will be able to put a little more effort into bean- I am excited about that as well […]

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