The Bean 527
The Bean 527
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Good morning – if you haven’t noticed yet- there have been some major changes here at Bean Leaf Press. Changes for the good. It has been a wild ride, all due to a hacker. Yet it has resulted in a more secure site with all my blogs, art pieces, and comics in one spot.

Also if you scroll down- you will always be able to find the current spot in the comic. Yes I had to make changes and it might take a little bit to get used to, but it needed to happen.

I hope you take a moment and look around. We have made major changes in the comic section and the home page will always have whats new and the shows I will be at. The key is to make it fun, make the site appealing and make it worth visiting often.

Thanks for all the patience –
keep creating


James_Rye » 8 Dec 2013 » Reply

So if there are Goblins and Trolls and Ogres are there Orcs too?

Celidah » 14 Oct 2013 » Reply

"You're late."
"A Per is never late, nor is he early. He arrives precisely when he means to."

I couldn't resist. 🙂

    trav » 15 Oct 2013 » Reply

    aint that the truth

rfaramir » 11 Oct 2013 » Reply

I see relational chemistry here…

I predict too much sparking conflict to go too far in the positive direction until… they meet with Otter and Bean. Otter and Fencer first compete, then impress each other with their skills, making a match made on the battlefield, but Otter ends up giving her life to save Bean and the others. Her dying words are to train Bean and marry Ravna, which he does, eventually.

    trav » 15 Oct 2013 » Reply

    🙂 well we will see where the future of our characters go… be warned i do like to change things around. 🙂

Denita TwoDragons » 10 Oct 2013 » Reply

I was wondering what happened, and I was worried you might have been hacked. I'm so glad everything turned out for the best and you're back on your feet artistically! 😀

    Trav the bean » 10 Oct 2013 » Reply

    being hacked was a catalyst for something much better and i think really shows off my abilities a little better. Sort of a fun place to find and hide yourself in for a little while. I am really grateful for some good coders out there who helped us get back on our feet and help me put together such a fun new site.

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