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The Bean 403
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There is a cold reality to war… Hopefully our band of refugees will make it to the lower halls.

We are moving towards our 10000 mark. That means 8 extra pages for everyone. If you want to get your books before anyone else and all the little goodies sign up.


Cat » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

Just a question, but did anyone ask Fencer how he was doing, or did he just say "better than you…" because he was seizing up his father's condition?

    trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

    i think fencer would think his father's condition was more important than his own and would have directed the conversation away from himself – so he could make sure others were taken care of.

      Random Guy » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

      That does seem to be a common trait among professional soldiers.

        trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

        yeah it does, plus kids in general as they get older- i am more concerned about my old man than me and my son (a teen) gets more concerned about me than him

FirstS » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

I'm a little worried about Crimson's dilated pupil…severe concussion at least.

    trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

    he took a heck of a beating, but he is still alive and that's important to his family right now.

    The Puck 1 » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

    I'm more worried about the coughing of the blood..

      trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

      hopefully there is a country doctor down in the underground now

Søndergaard » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

Nooo! I just can't believe that there are no more pages… I just started reading it today (found it on Kickstarter) and is already at the end – can't wait for the next updates 🙂

…and of course I’m a backer and looking forward to getting all three books in hard copy 😀

Keep up the great work Trav!

Greetings from Denmark (sorry for posting my comment twice ;))

    trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

    🙂 next page on thursday- but i will posting new art tomorrow:) Glad you enjoyed and thanks for the awesome kickstarter support.

    Greetings back to you from SoCal-

lithicbee » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

Pa is a tough old guy. Sounds like he has a story to tell after he gets some rest.

    trav » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

    Crimson is- i sure like him. He's an old farmer and yes he does have some stories to tell:)

John » 30 Jul 2012 » Reply

$10,000! Congrats. Just a bit of a geek question: Does Kickstarter have a graphing function? I'd be interested to see the trend…

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