The Bean 141
The Bean 141
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Dranorter » 10 Mar 2018 » Reply

I loved the inking on the Guardian on every page he was in.

Gillsing » 4 Sep 2011 » Reply

In case it matters for the next printing, I think the "prision" in the third panel should be "prison".

Great comic BTW. I've had it in my "read later" list for over a year, and finally had the time to go through the archive. All those ads shall no longer taunt me with a comic I've had no time to read!

siehjin » 11 Aug 2011 » Reply

hi trav – i love the comic, it's really awesome! =)

also took a look at some of your work on deviantart. the beauty of your artwork is spellbinding! =D

Jeff » 17 Aug 2010 » Reply

The story leading up to the corruption of ganadon still reminds me of frostmourne. "Just as this blade rends flesh,so must power scar the spirit."

    Jeff » 17 Aug 2010 » Reply

    Sorry for double posting but i accidentally submitted it before i was done. Great job with the comic so far i have had a blast reading it these past few days and im looking foward to see how bean will mend the sword. Keep up the good work =D

      Trav the bean » 17 Aug 2010 » Reply

      double posts are just fine- I am glad you are enjoying the tale

      as for bean mending the sword he has a lot to do to figure that out and in to some degree I am curious myself:)

    Trav the bean » 17 Aug 2010 » Reply

    I am not fully familiar with the tale- –

    as ganadon's corruption that came from the weave, he tried to improve something he should not have done:)

    I think though a lot of tales might have mixed elements from myth and legend and other stories as well.

    Ash » 18 Aug 2010 » Reply

    Yes it dose remind me as well of Frostmorne, however Frostmorne story stems from Norse and Greek Myths and legends.

    Also love the comic!

      Trav the bean » 19 Aug 2010 » Reply

      thanks ash- it's amazing how many good tales come form mythology of long ago- even look at lotr – that is riddled with welsh and norse legend

AMRIV » 16 Aug 2010 » Reply

It feels like there should be a transitory panel between the last two. Love the comic BTW.

    Trav the bean » 17 Aug 2010 » Reply

    I am glad you enjoy it.

    As for the transitory panel there is not- it's cosmetic and works really well with the printed book.

@scottking » 16 Aug 2010 » Reply

That's sad. Too bad the rock guy couldn't have retired and enjoyed his elder years. Instead he just died.

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