The Bean 158
The Bean 158
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Shoove » 17 Oct 2010 » Reply

I just discovered this comic, and I must say it's quite fine,
but reading the Troll's speech bubbles has me thinking in rhyme!

co0kiel0rd » 15 Oct 2010 » Reply

But… wtf? It says goblin's aren't affected by the weave! That must be a power of really friggin old^^

    Trav the bean » 18 Oct 2010 » Reply

    goblins are affected by the weave, when it is used directly against them. They can though be affected by objects manipulated by the weave

Brian » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

think Shannara.. the elf stones. three stones that the user can summon fire with among other things.

    Trav the bean » 18 Oct 2010 » Reply

    now as much as i am a fan of brooks- I will say this they are no way elfstones:)

LadyOtter » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

I'm going with the soap option. Soap is scary! To goblins I mean, not to me. *cough*

@packet » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

Grenades? I'm thinking naphtha/napalm.

Dreaming Pixel » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

I'll be honest, when I saw the small balls my first thought was grenades.
But I'm guessing that's not it.

Hoomi » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

From what I know of goblins, the Collector could be threatening them with acid, or with *gasp!* SOAP!

Mutters » 14 Oct 2010 » Reply

Go collector! >:D usually in fantasy i support goblins but this time the trolls got my back :3

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