The Bean 172
The Bean 172
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Thanksgiving has passed and I hope it was enjoyable. I am personally stuffed and looking forward to jumping on several other projects for this weekend. Almost all of them involve art. I am hoping to get several other pieces of artwork up as well.

Also if you are bored, just take a moment and reread the story from the beginning and hopefully you will catch something new or see a method to my madness. So keep creating and enjoy.



Öhm » 19 Sep 2014 » Reply

"Ohh, Ganadon, ohhh" – That's what she said.

that guy » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

sexual dream?*gets punched*

Co0kieL0rd » 27 Nov 2010 » Reply

He's gonna get himself a terrible cold, I'm afraid.

zack » 26 Nov 2010 » Reply

wow that's a lot of rain, could beans luck get any worse

A.J Wisteria » 26 Nov 2010 » Reply

Wow…he really needs to get some medical help poor kid…

    Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2010 » Reply

    it's been a rough few days hasn't it?

      A.J Wisteria » 28 Nov 2010 » Reply

      Yes, yes it certainly has been, and the head trauma can't make it any better!

        Trav the bean » 28 Nov 2010 » Reply

        yeah head trauma is pretty rough. I actually talked to a doctor friend of mine to help on some this part to make things a little more accurate.

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