The Bean 173
The Bean 173
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Trials come in all shapes and sizes. Almost three weeks ago, my wife hurt her ankle pretty bad. There were some pretty tense moments there as we did not know the extent of the damage, yet do not fret all is better. Though she over did it a little tonight in getting around I am grateful that it is not worse.

It has though slowed my production down since I am working double duty on keeping the house functioning. As her ankle improves I am able to jump back into the grind and I have some catching up to do. Well for me, anyways. It will not effect the update log at all. Yet it is slowing down issue 7 a little.

I am grateful for all the help people have given our family as well. Especially in logistics in getting our children to all the proper destinations. We are not out of the woods yet, but at least there is a light at the end of the tunnel.



also take a look at the webcomic awards


John » 30 Nov 2010 » Reply

I don't know if it worth being implemented but I think the comic could also be an online coloring site.

    Trav the bean » 30 Nov 2010 » Reply

    as fun as that sounds it just opens up a few issues i don't want to deal with-

    yet i might make up some coloring pages for downloading. the problem is setting things up when I still have to produce work that feeds the family. Yet I might do a page or two.


Onasaki » 29 Nov 2010 » Reply

Random hatted person! Yar!

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