The Bean 185
The Bean 185
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Thanks for all the candid comments. I appreciate the input. It helps me figure out how to make my comic better. I hope you all had an incredible christmas. More to come.



slim kittens » 13 Apr 2014 » Reply

Tia, Tia, Pho Phia,
Banana Fanna, fo fia,
Me, My, Mo Mia,

Acantha » 28 Dec 2010 » Reply

He's looking for Nirnroot, right? 😀

I always get sick on holidays. I wound up sleeping through Christmas :- Oh well.

@GabeOstley » 28 Dec 2010 » Reply

Hey I just discovered this comic the other day. It's fantastic! Keep doing what you are doing. I also am working on a couple webcomics and it can be a long path sometimes. Your work is very inspiring.

Co0kieL0rd » 27 Dec 2010 » Reply

Ooh, new character!

I envy you for having such high expectations of the christmas time. Mine was pretty nice but not incredible for that matter, but thanks anyway 😉

    Trav the bean » 28 Dec 2010 » Reply

    yup new character:)

    Glad your christmas was nice… mine was nice as well

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