The Bean 184
The Bean 184
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So how has the tale been so far….?



anton » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply


Trey » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

Honestly? in retrospect its a slow build, but thats a minor quibble to the gorgeous art, full characterizations, and deep structure. We like lots, thank you

Baltimore » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

Beautiful work.

Thorne » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

I really enjoy it, Travis. Thank you for doing it and Happy Holidays!

Ankur » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

I would want the story to pick up a little pace … is he hidding in the last frame next to the tree ?

Novil » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

This version of the current comic has a size of 206 KByte instead of 569 KByte and I’m sure you can’t tell the difference:

Black and white pictures should always be saved as grayscale PNG/GIF with reduced color depth. 16 colors is usually enough for black and white pictures without gradients.

Hoomi » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

How's the story so far? Let's see… to list some of the things you're doing right:
Updates on time. Solid, consistent art quality. Good plot pacing. Excellent mix of characters, with ample potential for unexpected twists and turns. Excellent interaction between artist and audience.

I'd list things that need improvement, but I can't think of any right now.

The biggest compliment I think most of us can pay, is that we feel sufficient attachment to the characters and story, that we come back for more. This is the biggest key – we *care* about what's happening, and that becomes the most powerful connection between artist and audience.

Fira » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

I’m still wondering why this comic isn’t in the top 50, or at least the top 100! The art is delightfully unique, and the story is paced perfectly. It’s obvious that a great deal of creativity went into making every comic. In short, it’s just plain awesome. =D

johnnyhath » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

flipping awesome, Trav. It has been flipping awesome.

Shorty » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

how has it been so far? it's been WONDERFUL, that's how it's been! 😀
you're such an inspiration to me, Trav – i'm a self-taught artist and a hopeful writer, and this kind of stuff just absolutely fills my head with great ideas. i check for updates ALL the time, and i've read it through a few times already – can't love it enough!
keep up the fantastic work, sir!


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