The Bean 192
The Bean 192
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This weekend I had a great learning experience. I learned how to prepare and can jam and applesauce. I had a blast and I look forward to playing a little more with this almost lost home art. Why am I even bringing this up?

Well, because it really helps me think old world. It is giving me experiences to apply to my comic. I am looking at other old world techniques as well and I am looking maybe hand sewing an outfit together and maybe even trying to make a few juices. I love that little bit of authenticity that can go into a page or a place. You might never see it, but there are many things in the comic that I have experienced and there will be many more.

It truly is the little things for me that make this whole things work.


Mercy » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

Also? Butter making. Homemade bread, with homemade jam, and homemade butter…now I'M getting hungry!

    Trav the bean » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

    we all need to start sharing recipes and techniques….

Mercy » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

For a feel of the olden days, nothing beats hand dying wool with natural dyes. I like to use all native plants.

Beautiful page, as always!

Ron » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

Try bread making. It will go very well with the jam.

    Trav the bean » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

    I already know how to make bread from scratch and yes homemade bread goes very well with homemade jam…. now i am getting hungry

Jande » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

I believe you will really enjoy weaving cloth. After all, it isn't conceptually that much different from weaving a story. :`) Try making a small hand loom first. The trick of getting the piece of cloth made without it pulling in at the sides, I never did manage. But whenever people start talking about cloth and weaving I want to try it again. lol I've made paper, but never inks, and l think I'll stick to my Copics.
Making paper, cloth, bread, preserves, etc can be deeply satisfying work.

    Trav the bean » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

    One day I will give it a try:) I just though only have so much time in the day. Yet I love trying new things it helps me really figure things out

    Nonesuch » 27 Jan 2011 » Reply

    We have gotten supplies from The Woolery online. Currently we have a 16" Kromski single heddle loom. There is so much room to grow though!

Lord Slapdash » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

I empathize with Bean as I lay here recovering (septoplasty this morning) looking at him laying there recovering. But in my case, the doc did the only blade wielding And he failed to mention whether or not I started muttering in elven while I was out!

    Trav the bean » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

    sorry to hear that- it sucks to be down. Hopefully the doctor was a master as for you muttering in elvish – you might just have to ask him:)

Bob » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

Love the tree in the background growing and all the flowers in the hair. She does have kind of a nature spirit feel.

    Trav the bean » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

    thanks – nature is important in this household here:)

Dave » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

Reminds me of Tom Bombadil's wife Goldberry.

Rocco » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

That foot’s pose is awesome. It anchors her body and implies force and direction. I think it stands out most because all those lines of force lead back to it. It’s like her entire posture is pointing at that foot.

Four toes is sensible since everyone has four fingers (see her hand; Bean’s hand). Anything else would be alien.

    Trav the bean » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

    thank you:)

    actually not everyone has four digits. It is a race quality. Half breeds though break the mold and some half-breeds have qualities of both races of their parents.


      Fira » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

      So does she have elven blood too, or are there other races in this story that typically have four digits? I wonder what have only eight fingers would be like? Although I suppose anyone born that way would be very used to it and wouldn't mind much. Unless they were trying to buy a pair of gloves.

        Fira » 13 Jan 2011 » Reply

        Wow, I proofread that twice for errors, and I still missed 'I wonder what have only eight fingers would be like.' -_- I hate typos…

          Trav the bean » 13 Jan 2011 »

          lol – i screw up all the time so it's ok:)

          there are many races in this story. So far you have met humans, ogres, red rock trolls, earthdwellers (dwarves), goblins, elves, and two half breeds, plus now fairies 🙂

          I think if you know nothing else it will all be fine:) Plus the each race will prob make clothing to suit their own kind as well:)

Glennnn » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

Next I suppose you'll be keeping sheep to trim their wool and spin thread to weave cloth. Or making your own paper and inks to draw. You're exploring other dimensions of things. This is probably what makes your artwork so interesting.

Sky » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

Does she only have four toes on her left foot, or is that just your art style? 🙂
So many bandages! And here I was thinking I'd only see him covered in cobwebs!
Is that just a round shaped bed, or did they make the bathtub comfortable for him? Haha, I don't know why I'm examining this page so much- I'm not usually the one to find and look at all the details, but you're art is just so fun to look at! 🙂

    Trav the bean » 12 Jan 2011 » Reply

    4 toes:) – tragic farm accident:) ok j/k she does though have four toes.

    Cobwebs are more for stuffing and sealing. Bandages are still needed:) – The bed is round. Just liked that notion- it could be an old wooden tub..

    I enjoy it that you are looking for the little things:) it makes the story all the more fun.


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