The Bean 193
The Bean 193
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It’s nice to have a small lull before the storm:)

Well good news I just finished the last inked page for issue 7. I am excited how it has turned out and I have started to finish the spot colors on the cover. I will be scanning the inks of the pages on saturday and start laying in the text.

Anyways more to come.


Hoomi » 15 Jan 2011 » Reply

Waiting for Bean to wake up saying, "I don't want any land! I just want to SING!" 😀

    Trav the bean » 15 Jan 2011 » Reply

    I hate to break it to you – you will be waiting for a while:)

      Hoomi » 16 Jan 2011 » Reply

      Well, darn!

      No, really. He probably has at least one or two holes in his socks…

Hoomi » 14 Jan 2011 » Reply

All the other kings said I was crazy to build a treehouse in the swamp, but I built one anyway… 😀

Odo » 14 Jan 2011 » Reply

I love Mama and Poppa. They aren't buff, they aren't beautiful, but they are strong. Mama clearly has some connection to the healing force of your World, but it's a mundane one, not a magical one (at least so far). This is wonderful – it links the fantastic to the real.

Ah, and I see that Tia is watching and listening from her seat on the potted plant. The whole family his here.

Thank you for sharing this wonderful world you have made. I only have one question. What broke the moon?

    Rocco » 14 Jan 2011 » Reply

    Ho ho ho! Yesterday’s foot symbolizes her connection to her world! A little sly conceptual pun there! Maybe there is a bit of magic, and it channels from the planet through her bare feet. Or I’m over reading things… 🙂

      Trav the bean » 15 Jan 2011 » Reply

      🙂 well there is a bit of the weave involved in her life:)

    Trav the bean » 15 Jan 2011 » Reply

    you are welcome – I enjoy tales where the heros and such are down to earth as well.

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