The Bean 196
The Bean 196
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Well this is actually me looking into the future:) As of this moment my internet access is limited until Sat- So I am really grateful for automatic updating.

I think I am getting the fire again. There is much to do and I am really excited with the current progress that is happening with the comics. So here is what is happening.

Issue 7 Update: I am adding text and layout today, yesterday and sat. I should have the cover finished soon as well.

Issue 8 pencils- started last wed. Since it is all scripted out and 7 art is done, it is time to get 8 on the table.

Issues 9 through 13 have a basic outline. I am really jazzed with this development because it means that 14 will be completely new….. It also means that when I start 14 I will have completed aprox… 494 pages…. This blows my mind. I still have many issues after that to go, yet I very excited with how things are flowing.

There is so much going on right now. I am also taking more commissions. This cuts into bean time, but the kids need to eat and times are slow. So if you want to help out our cause you can order a commission or pick up a print or book at the store.

Plus a new section to play in…

Thanks again for everyone’s support


SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

The whole missing-finger thing still wigs me out. =/

GoriLLa » 21 Jan 2011 » Reply

GAH! Can't wait for the next strip!

GoriLLa » 21 Jan 2011 » Reply

he looks so buff in this strip, is he summoning the sword back to him?

    John » 23 Jan 2011 » Reply

    that would be cool 🙂
    Nobody could steal it from him and I would be more relaxed until the end 🙂

    Trav the bean » 25 Jan 2011 » Reply

    you'll just have to wait and see

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