The Bean 197
The Bean 197
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🙂 stil plugging away…


Piki » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

I have just discovered this. Awesome drawing.

BUT you should do some research on weapons and combat techniques. Serious research, not D&D. Bean's sword is already too long for him. That it's wondrously light won't help for using it as a sword. It should be neater if the magic weapon adjusted size according to bearer's stature. And did your elves go to war without any armor? Tolkien was not obsessively realistic with his own elves, but he gave them chain mail shirts and helmets. Most of the weapons you draw imply the use of some armor.

    Gabe » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

    Armour usually helps when you're fighting someone of relatively equal size and strength. If you're fighting giant monsters that could crush you like a grape armour or no armour (which is so often the case in fantasy universes), it's better to be light and fast.

    Tolkiens elves had armour when they were fighting orcs. If they were up against cave trolls they'd probably drop that plate n' mail like a sack of hot rocks.

Hornet » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Gotta pity the kid, life is NOT going to get easier.

jedaifou » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

I find it ominous : magical objects that do this have this nasty tendency to be difficult to let behind when you don't want them anymore… There's the "old tongue" spell too, it may hint at modification of the memories or personality of the bearer.

    Trav the bean » 25 Jan 2011 » Reply

    personally i try to stay away from objects like that:)

Nightlyre » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Now that is very cool. 😀

Fira » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

I…did not expect that. ._. Pretty useful, though. I want a sword that does that!

Hoomi » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Well, shucks. If any TSA folks see this, poor Bean is going to end up on the "No Fly" list. Talk about the ultimate "concealed weapon!"

NateBBQ » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Can we get a translator on the 'calling spell' there… I don't speak whatever that is..

Shoove » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Dude, that is awesome! Hooray for magical swords!

    Trav the bean » 21 Mar 2011 » Reply

    yes magical swords are awesome and yet unpredictable at the same time

Pete-Ohki » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

Cool! I was thinking earlier that he would have had to go back to that swamp-like place and maybe call the sword to him. This way is more interesting and mysterious.

Ankur » 24 Jan 2011 » Reply

bloody hell yeah …


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