The Bean 204
The Bean 204
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you know- boy have I felt like this. Loads of tasks to complete and no love for the effort. It made drawing this scene rather easy. Especially when the frustration runs high and the jobs keep piling up.  It is amazing how inspiration can come from ordinary task and trials that we face on a daily bases.

Also – just curious who’s your favorite character and why???



Mercy » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

I like Ravna, because she's not afraid to stand up for herself. And Siv — because anyone who can walk unnoticed through a goblin camp is awesome.

And I have a soft spot for Groggle. Just by reading his lines one can tell what kind of voice he has– deep bass, mostly a gentle grumble.

cals1607 » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

i feel like i don't know any of the characters enough to really know which is my favourite yet, but i think bean is adorable. also, this is how my boss treats me most of the time.

plansburn » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

The troll…it's been awhile I can't remember his name. It feels like his character could become very complex. Also I've always enjoyed characters with a vendetta.

Story Weaver » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Ravana. RavanaRavanaravana

Ben » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Definitely the Collector! He is the only one who has heard the music in his soul from that sword…I doubt that his story is yet over.

Sky » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Haha, she'd kill him if she wasn't worried!

My favorite has got to be Groggle or Bean, or maybe the two of them combo- because I like the relationship between them and how Groggle seems to really care for him! Maybe if Bean ends up to be a super awesome possessed warrior later on, Groggle can be his right side man when they go into battle, haha 😀

Celtic Traveler » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

My favorite character? Ravana. See above page for a reason why.

(I also really love Siv.)

Scott » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Groggle. I tend to get drawn to certain minor characters. He's a great contrast to Gort. The fact that he's wandered off on his own to look for Bean makes me worry.

Matt » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Just finished reading your archive; I'm very glad I found this comic. The artwork and story are amazing thus far.

As for my favorite character, I would have to say The Collector. There's a lot of old injuries to that troll's soul, and they really give him some depth and make it easy to sympathize with him, ya know?

Xaos » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

Favorite character? Hmm. Poor Groggle.

Why? He seems to truly like and care for Bean as a person rather than a responsibility. He's a sympathetic character. And he's been wandering in the woods looking for Bean. I'm always wondering what has happened to him, and hoping he won't end up dead when we next see him.

Then Bean of course!


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