The Bean 205
The Bean 205
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I love transitions:) As you read the story as a whole you will see what I am talking about.

Ok back in the groove. I just finished the first 20 penciled pages to book 8 and let me tell you, I am really jazzed and moved. It feels nice to get back into the flow, especially since I have been struggling to do that for a while. I just got a little lost and had to find the drive again. Hence the importance of a huge buffer:) This way there is no breaks. Book 7 goes to press on monday. I am thrilled about that as well. Also I will have a few other announcements next week.

I am also getting excited about Emerald City – gonna be a new experience for me, I have never traveled this far for a show. I have no idea how things are going to go.

On another special note. Today is a special day for our family. My youngest boy turns 10. A fantastic age and I love watching his imagination go into full swing. Its why I draw prints. That was an age when life was still very very precious for most.  Limitations were few as well in your mind and life was carefree for the most part. I hope his day is filled with all sorts of magic and adventure. Have a great day my son. I love you – dad.

Ok back to the creative table…..