The Bean 204
The Bean 204
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you know- boy have I felt like this. Loads of tasks to complete and no love for the effort. It made drawing this scene rather easy. Especially when the frustration runs high and the jobs keep piling up.  It is amazing how inspiration can come from ordinary task and trials that we face on a daily bases.

Also – just curious who’s your favorite character and why???



Emma » 21 May 2011 » Reply

either Bean or Siv. I like Siv's nose. The Collector's pretty cool too.

Lissy » 10 Feb 2011 » Reply

<sends LOVE for the effort>

I'd like you to know that I highly respect you as an auther and artist. I enjoy reading the pearls of wisdom in your blog posts as well as enjoying Bean.

Favorite character? Hmm… I like the couple who just took Bean in and are watching over him while he heals up.

PeZ! » 9 Feb 2011 » Reply

GANADON! Because flawed characters are always interesting, in my book. And he seems to have fallen from grace rather ugly, and with the good-hearted Bean as his new vessel, he may get a shot at redemption!

But then, the chance of major corruption makes for compelling story O__o



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