The Bean 206
The Bean 206
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Book 7 officially leaves to the printer today. I am happy with it and look forward to finishing 8.

I  will be putting it up for sale in a week or so.

Thanks again for the support



Dave » 15 Feb 2011 » Reply

Methinks She has seen that sword before…. and not in a good situation…

Kinda like "Oh, no! Not again!"

    Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

    she hasn't seen the sword before, yet she knows magic and that is all i can say

John » 15 Feb 2011 » Reply

this was a nice scene 🙂
A good way also to wake Bean up.
Too bad for that drink. I think it was a delicious natural medication…

    Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

    yeah – home made brews take a bit to remake… i wonder if she has more stock of it:)

LilFluff » 15 Feb 2011 » Reply

I’m thinking this is something like a modern day doctor walking in and, “Let’s see how — what the — when did my patient get this nuke?!” At least I’m hoping it’s just a concerned shock and not a, get that boy out of my house, shock.

    Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

    that made me smile… and a very accurate description of what just occurred.

Mutterscrawl » 14 Feb 2011 » Reply

she very likely knows what sword it is, or at least that it's not a normal sword.

Random sword would elicit a "wh-huh?"

That was fullblown overwhelming panic.

    Trav the bean » 24 Feb 2011 » Reply

    panic is very accurate. yet…. you will learn soon enough what she knows and what she does not:)

Hoomi » 14 Feb 2011 » Reply

Ah, a new question to await answers to. Did she drop the tray out of surprise that he suddenly had *a* sword, or *the* sword? Tune in Wednesday, same Bat-time, same Bat-URL!

PeteOhki » 14 Feb 2011 » Reply

Wait. Don't tell me she can read that ancient writing. 😮

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