The Bean 226
The Bean 226
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NOTE: To understand this scene you are going to have to back towards the beginning and re-read:)

Well, I am at wondercon right now, actually i am staying with family talking about trying to figure out a new superhero that i should come up with. I am rather enjoying it.  Listening to the badguy list and other things of that nature.

Well this will be a short one- i will be posting more later on the show. 🙂

Plus the newsletter will be a little late, maybe tues though. Shows always take a lot out of me. Yet I will still answer all comments tonight.

Keep creating



Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

I like how much depth of character this page and the next reveal in Siv. Although in the midst of fighting for his life and dashing off to save the day, he is still taking note of the little things. As the Forest Walker, it seems he couldn’t just walk past a souls tear without noticing its natural beauty or the beautiful maid it reminds him of. This scene shows the gentle, nurturing, protective side of Siv in contrast to the previous scene which makes him seem almost cruel and heartless as he dispatches goblins at a brutal pace. Great storytelling here.

    Trav the bean » 7 Feb 2013 » Reply

    it's all about love- even the hardest of soldiers can still love…

parahacker » 5 Apr 2011 » Reply

“Not much further though, Gotta to keep it together”

…”Gotta to keep”…


Also, I want to add – awesome work.

A.C. » 3 Apr 2011 » Reply

Read the whole thing up to this point in one sitting, couldn’t stop. Bean’s a little too naive and weak-willed for my liking, or at least he was, but I accept he’s one of those characters that starts off that way for a reason, and will very obviously have to grow up quite fast if he’s to survive (or at least, I imagine that’s the case). Anyway, the main thing I like about this story is the world you’ve created (and to that end, every other character besides Bean, ‘bad’ guys included), it’s really fascinating. I’m soon going to revisit a story of my own I’ve left languishing for years, and this just inspires me to get back into it even more.

Love the first panel especially, so much personality and contrast in those two creatures at the bottom right hand corner, one sleek and craftily evil looking, the other feral and fierce, brilliant stuff!!! I look forward to the future pages. 🙂

Kiarelle » 3 Apr 2011 » Reply

Wonderful update 🙂 The flowers made me smile. Have fun at your con.

    Trav the bean » 4 Apr 2011 » Reply

    thank you – I am glad that the flowers made you smile. The con was fun- I am posting my experience in my newsletter, which should go out tomorrow.

blizniggity » 1 Apr 2011 » Reply

Trav, this comic is 95% fantastic. The only thing that bugs me is the way you use bold fonts to accentuate certain words. It makes no sense.

For example, "Just LIKE the old times." That sounds awkward and forced when read aloud. It's just not how speech flows. Generally, you shouldn't need to embolden words at all; it's clear from the context and the natural rhythms of speech which words carry gravitas. Boldness should be reserved for special emphasis.

Obviously, yours is a creative endeavor, and you're within your creative rights to emphasize whichever words you choose. But for me, your use of emboldened words is a distraction (albeit minor) from the enjoyment of an otherwise near-perfect comic.

    Trav the bean » 1 Apr 2011 » Reply

    totally noted- though there is not much i can do until the end of july if that is ok???

@Rafnasil » 1 Apr 2011 » Reply

Her favourite, what a closet romantic he is 😛

Nass » 1 Apr 2011 » Reply

I wonder what the flower means? must be something important.
Also keep up the hard work, it's paying off quite well

    Trav the bean » 1 Apr 2011 » Reply

    you are going to have to re-read some of the story:)
    and thanks

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