The Bean 18
The Bean 18
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dreambigadOne of the things that I have enjoyed about updating the bean in color is that it has allowed me tackle the sky with a more softer feel. It has also let me make the backgrounds have a lot more depth to them. For example in this page. You can really see the forest disappear into the background. This is what makes me feel that the book was lacking and here, I am able to really give it that love, that the books deserves.

If you want to help contribute to the coloring of the bean… all it takes is a $1 an update. I only update about 8 to 10 times a month. You can always cap it as well. Your patreon support helps free up time so I can really dedicate myself to making this book and incredible art piece.

Thank you for your support and your help. We could not do this without you.



arphaus » 16 Aug 2015 » Reply

Travis – are you a Watterson fan? I find the inking of your earth & trees to be very Watterson-esque – beautiful, really. I take it you use Photoshop?

Artsy » 7 Nov 2010 » Reply

I LOVE the backgrounds. Absolutely gorgeous.

Justalittlenerd » 14 Jul 2010 » Reply

I really like the comic so far. The wide panel shots of the scenery give it a very cinematic feel. The back story you do provide is enough to really get me interested, the bean. Keep up the great work!

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