The Bean 17
The Bean 17
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dreambigad Good morning and welcome to today’s color update. I do hope you enjoy it. If you want to read the comic the way it was meant to be… than just scroll down and click read bean from the beginning. I do hope you can really see how much more color adds to the story.

Also I am working on several other projects at the moment. It’s been a very exciting ride. I am looking at seeing where these adventures take us.

Plus if you want to help keep things moving in the bean – please visit my store or support my patreon campaign. Your support allows this site to never be a pay site. It allows anyone to read my stories.  Plus you can pick up books, puzzles, original art, and prints, that are meant to inspire one’s imagination.

Thank you again for your support and most importantly remember to keep creating.



Ruthie » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

Wow, I keep seeing new things now that there's color. Is that a telescope under that tree? I don't know why, but it just really looks like some old-style telescope in the middle of that orchard. Awesome.

    Ruthie » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

    Well… not really a telescope, now that I look at it closer… I can't think of a better explanation, though.

      Trav the bean » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

      It's a heater to actually keep the orchid warm- we have those out here for the orange groves and they use them when there is severe frost.

        Ruthie » 13 Jul 2015 » Reply

        Not only does it look cool in the Bean, but it also exists in real life? Awesome. I learned something new today, so I'm glad I pointed it out. Thank you for the explanation

James » 22 Jul 2013 » Reply

Really love how you took the fence through each panel here.

Derek » 24 Apr 2013 » Reply

This page is beautiful!

Rebecca » 6 Feb 2011 » Reply

Im getting a wizard of oz feel. I think it the trees.

timmothy » 4 Sep 2010 » Reply

Discordant organ music: the plot thickens!

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