The Bean 249
The Bean 249
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Today is a packing day for phoenix- I will be on and off today, but i should have an update about the show-

once the madness settles down we’ll get back into the groove soon


@Rafnasil » 27 May 2011 » Reply

When I was a kid I dreamed of owning a house like that. Built around/in a great big tree.
Bean is looking very unhappy.

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

    me too-

    Bean has had a rough few days- i think i would feel very much the same way

Odo » 26 May 2011 » Reply

I suspect that it is grown out of the tree, not that the tree is resting on it.

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

    i am not sure… it is a magical place- there could be many possiblities

Mercy » 25 May 2011 » Reply

Wow, there are some sturdy beams in that roof. Or is it partially dug into the ground around the roots of that tree?

As always, lovely transition.

Celidah » 25 May 2011 » Reply

Hmm, Bean looks…disgruntled? Wanting to be up and about? I could be wrong, though, it's happened on occasion…

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

    if you were in a similar situation- would you be disgruntled:)

Dave » 25 May 2011 » Reply

Ahhhh, Bean! Good to see you up and around. Still looks like you have a lot of emotional hurts yet…

    Trav the bean » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

    yeah there is a lot going on in that little mans head

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