The Bean 252
The Bean 252
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Ok back from the Phoenix Comic Con and what can I tell you? Well, for starters it was an incredible show. We had a blast and I really enjoyed talking and drawing for all the wonderful people that stopped by the booth. It was also wonderful to see so many other old friends and find a few new ones in the process.:)

Cons are a motivator. They inspire and help one really stay on path. In fact I just finished the inks for the cover to issue 8- I will be posting that tomorrow. I am also grateful for my incredible wife who is scanning the whole book right now, so I can start putting the text in. I should have 8 completed by the end of the week. That is the goal…. Then it goes into edits, which take about a week as well.

I am also starting my prep for my next show which is in New Mexico. Well there is still much to do and I am sorry for being away. I should have my full phoenix review up soon.

Keep creating….



Glennnn » 9 Jun 2011 » Reply

His whole life has been one of slavery at the inn.
Being owned with no real future to consider beyond that.
Suddenly he has a new viewpoint.
He was actually chosen to receive the sword by the guardian-who-turned-to-stone.
No doubt, this emergence of a new person, with new potential has changed him. He is just now catching up with the realization of that….
Also, the influence of the healer woman has left its mark.
Go Bean ! !

Glennnn » 3 Jun 2011 » Reply

I noticed this change in Bean and thought that perhaps there was some new focus going on.
What if the sword does more than just work as a weapon?

Onasaki » 2 Jun 2011 » Reply

I agree with Jim, kinda. Bean's a kid, who's been a slave for a good chunk of his life to ogres. I don't think he'd speak without using things like It's, Don't, Etc. etc. I can't currently think of the word at the moment for some reason..

Jim Stitzel » 1 Jun 2011 » Reply

Eesh. The dialogue on this page feels pretty stilted. I think you were going for high class here, but it reads a bit clumsily. A little bit of tweaking could make it flow more easily.

On a more positive note, there's nothing quite like the healing effect of nature. Provided Bean doesn't get bonked on the head again, the garden should help him convalesce more quickly.

    Trav the bean » 1 Jun 2011 » Reply

    sorry jim- i guess i am allowed to have an off day:)

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