The Bean 252
The Bean 252
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Ok back from the Phoenix Comic Con and what can I tell you? Well, for starters it was an incredible show. We had a blast and I really enjoyed talking and drawing for all the wonderful people that stopped by the booth. It was also wonderful to see so many other old friends and find a few new ones in the process.:)

Cons are a motivator. They inspire and help one really stay on path. In fact I just finished the inks for the cover to issue 8- I will be posting that tomorrow. I am also grateful for my incredible wife who is scanning the whole book right now, so I can start putting the text in. I should have 8 completed by the end of the week. That is the goal…. Then it goes into edits, which take about a week as well.

I am also starting my prep for my next show which is in New Mexico. Well there is still much to do and I am sorry for being away. I should have my full phoenix review up soon.

Keep creating….