The Bean 259
The Bean 259
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new update today.

I have a lot of preparing today and I am working hard on 9 and 8- edits are almost done on 8 which means it goes to print hopefully late next week.

I am also working on a graphic novel aspect of the bean. It is about time we start putting the comics into some big books. So I am going to start combing them. Books 1 through 4 are going to be book 1. It will be in b/w though, no color yet. Remember the main goal is to finish our tale. Which has a ways to go:) Once it is done i will color the whole thing…promise.

The main problem is costs, i just cant fund color right now, nor do i have the time to jump in. Yet I can almost fund a b/w one. Maybe we will do presales and I will give incentives and such.

Well back to issue 9 and prepping for a con next week

Curiosity Question:

Are you an update reader or do you wait for a few weeks and read a group at a time.