The Bean 261
The Bean 261
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Well in two days I will be at the Albuquerque Comic Expo. It is a very new show and it will be the first time that we are going there. I am pretty excited about the show. If you are in the area – stop by and I’ll set you up with some FREE Sketches.

I am under the guest section.

So we are naming the guy with the stash. If you have a name post it and tell me why you think it would be a good name.

Anyways back to work and more bean to come-



Ruthie » 6 Dec 2012 » Reply

Happy goblins get to sack a town!! I have named these six from left to right Vakna, Gaveen, Nyarb, Yozo, Tork, and Drez. Vakna looks like he just gave himself a head wound while swinging his axe and Yozo looks distinctly mental with his intense beard and brows!

Wagner » 23 Jun 2011 » Reply

Best! Webcomic! Ever!

I've read a lot of good webcomics, but yours just keeps getting better and better… never saw such a nice art allied with such a good history!

idd » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

R1: It's quiet.
R2: Yeah, too quiet.

Little towns have people out siting on porches walking around and doing stuff. There are no people, nor animals, no kids. The doors are closed, windows shuttered this in an age before the electric light. Candles are too expensive to use in the daytime when there is gobs of natural light out side for free. The only question is did some people decide to mount some kind of stand or did they all smartly scamper like small furry woodland creatures. Frankly the deserted town would hurt rat morale more than anything else. Who wants to pillage cows. It wasn't called pirate booty for nothing.

As for the mustache-eod(?) mystery man, I'm thinking it wants a weak or soft ending on the first consonant and harsh ending to the last consonant. How about Gerrick or Gorelock. He looks more Germanic than Nordic. Thick and short, not tall and wiry like Siv is. Bignose is only slightly taller than the Rats, so maybe 5'5" and his pudgy partner who seems to have vanished is in the 5' 2" range.

poeso » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

Wait for it…….

Mercy » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

Well, one could argue that the flaming arrow landing in the thatch is dramatic enough…Also, the quieter middle panel provides a nice contrast to the action-packed first and second.

sfb » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

How about Mignon, 'cause he's beefy and thinks that he is a cut above the rest. But, may fall under someone else's control and is actually just a minion. Little rhyme action…Very little I know.

Teowulf » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

Fire a single arrow and then charge- that's always my strategy. 😛

Jande » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

I recognise that bottom panel! I don't comment often enough here. Thanks so much for this awesome Graphic Novel, Trav. <3

Ricket » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

Anyone ever play Overlord? 😀 This comic is almost making me feel bad about the poor, poor village of Spree…

    sfb » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

    Thank goodness, I thought it was just me.

    Mike » 22 Jun 2011 » Reply

    I'm wondering if it's going to be like the Dalton's visit to Northfield MN.

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