The Bean 271
The Bean 271
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So we start to see a new side of mama- 🙂 I am really excited about how far I am into this again and in-fact I am just finishing up the script to issue 10. I added some stuff, that is really going be wild. Yet now is not the time to talk about that.

So If you haven’t noticed- 8 is in presale mode and I will have book 8 next tuesday. Meaning all orders will ship on Wed. (Preview day of comic con). So don’t wait- reserve your copy today. Also honestly- it’s better to buy a few books at a time than one- shipping is about the same. ( I just want to be honest about it)

Also I am working hard on issue 9-so back to pages 17 & 18

keep creating.



Lazy J » 17 Jul 2011 » Reply

and que korns let the bodies hit the floor song lol

Kiarelle » 17 Jul 2011 » Reply

Oooh, I can't wait to see what she can do, sort feels like a Brownie/Bogart change there with how you drew her. You tend to want to not piss of earthy magical folks I think as a rule of thumb.

    Trav the bean » 25 Jul 2011 » Reply

    she is very much a part of the world…. her anger manifests itself through the world itself.

Celidah » 16 Jul 2011 » Reply

Oh man…just wait until the fairies see that…I get the feeling that they won't be so cheery and whismical once they see what the goblins have done…

LazyReader » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

She got the magic in her, everytime I touch the field she turns into a sow, everybody knows she got the magic in her, when i hit the field shes snaps and attacks me.

Ankur » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

wicked …

sfb » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

Mmm, I think it's the eyes. She has her 'mad' eyes on! Someone's gettin' a whuppin'. (That's enough apostrophes for today.)

Hoomi » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

What's that saying? "When Mama ain't happy, ain't nobody happy."

    Robert H. » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

    When your good to Mama, Mama's good to you…

      Hoomi » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

      Think they should be worried that Mama's roots are showin'?

Glennnn » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

those goblins are in Big Trouble now…!

Odo » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

Was looking to actually buy the books, but your PayPal link is munged so I can't use the option to pay with a credit card rather than using the PayPal account that I don't have. 🙁

    Trav the bean » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

    that's weird cause it should work with c/cards as well. Let me look into it.

      Odo » 16 Jul 2011 » Reply

      Just bought the 1-8 package. This time I clicked on checkout rather than on the PayPal link, and it worked just fine. Looking forward to seeing them in my mailbox.

Odo » 15 Jul 2011 » Reply

Just sayin' I called it two strips ago!

OMG! Mama! She's been hit!
Prediction: Bean goes over the top.


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