The Bean 270
The Bean 270
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It’s getting rough….

** SDCC update**

If you are at the San Diego Comic Con next weekend come by E11 and hang out with us. That’s next week.

I have other updates coming soon- I am though cranking out pages for issue 9 (page 15 will be done soon). I am really enjoying this issue as well and I am so looking forward to getting into uncharted territory. Also 10 is almost finished with the writing. There are some changes from the original manuscript, but it flows sooooo much better.



Kiarelle » 17 Jul 2011 » Reply

Great action feel in this one, I love your updates 🙂

Hornet » 14 Jul 2011 » Reply

Should have sent more goblins. 😛

Fira » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Bean's game face is scary. o_o Like Odo, I'm wondering what exactly she meant when she said things weren't right.

LilFluff » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Um, goblins, you might want to back away from the possessed boy, yes? Of course if you really want to say, “He’s just the dishwasher and floor moper, he’s no threat,” then by all means stay by the one with the nasty-pointy piece of metal. Me, I’ll stay over here well off page reading it instead. 🙂

Glennnn » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Chopping – slicing swords really make a mess, unlike stabbing swords like the rapier.
(In color this would be unsettling, to say the least!)
-Poor Bean will have to work to bring this extreme-warrior under control ! !

    Trav the bean » 14 Jul 2011 » Reply

    yes they do. Especially when wielded in a crowd. Bean clearly has the advantage in this fight. He doesn't care where he hits. On the other hand the goblins, need to be a "little" careful when fighting around their own troops.

    and bean does have a lot of work to bring this warrior under control

    SotiCoto » 6 Sep 2013 » Reply

    That'd probably be why sane, sensible troops back then would have used spears.
    Goblins seems to be lacking those virtues though.

    Zimriel » 1 Apr 2017 » Reply

    Stabbing takes less time than slashing, and doesn't leave you open like slashing. I learnt that from "Firefly". Actually, most Conan gets it right too.

Andy » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Cool! I don't see any lost limbs or decaps, but there's blood at least. I'm just glad this isn't a purely 'kid's comic. 🙂

    Trav the bean » 14 Jul 2011 » Reply

    no it's not purely a kids comic. I do believe in a degree of realism and if you look back you will notice that I treat it tastefully. Though it has to be there to make the story stronger. Just not wasted as fluff. There needs be a purpose for what the reader sees.

Karyl » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Yikes, Bean cuts a rough swath!

    Trav the bean » 14 Jul 2011 » Reply

    oh yes he does, when using that particular weapon:)

Hoomi » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

"Our victory today will be swift!" Yeah, but not as swift as your defeat…

Scott » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

Errr… looks like the Bean's inherent pureness isn't quite up to the task in his wounded state… either that or it's a matter of "Y'know, given the choice of being possessed by the spirit of a bloodthirsty crazy elf king and dying… we'll take possession"

Has a major vibe of "The One Ring" given a crazy ring-obsessed troll and the Bean's sudden outbreak of violence.

    Trav the bean » 14 Jul 2011 » Reply

    Well the "one ring" was trying to get back to its master. It did take possession of the soul and bent the wearer towards the will of the master, who was living. The sword though with bean is not treated as the "precious":) you will see truly what the sword is about in issue 10 about 90+pages from here. It's gonna be fun….

    As for bean's pureness. I do believe, he is still innocent. How much of that will be tainted (due to the violence around him) and how well he is able to maintain his sanity will yet need to be seen.

Odo » 13 Jul 2011 » Reply

It is not clear to me that Mama regards the invasion of the goblins as "not right" or whether it is what Bean is doing that is "not right". Certainly the goblins should not have been able to enter, but given her earlier reaction to the sword there may be more than one "wrongness" here. I'm pretty sure that Bean doesn't actually know the words he is speaking.

As usual the artwork is exquisite.

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