The Bean 273
The Bean 273
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I am on my way to SDCC today. So I am scarce today- I will post more soon- enjoy the update.



Scott » 20 Jul 2011 » Reply

@Rafnasil — I don't think it was 'lurking from behind' as much as some goblin just gave the thing a kick and said "WELL?". The angles don't show proximity. I have a feeling Bean isn't done fighting yet.

@Rafnasil » 20 Jul 2011 » Reply

Lurking from behind. Funnily enough it didn't pounce silently on her and then announce it's present. Thank the gods for inherent stupidity?
You really get a feel for how large her grove must be and what an immense domain she has in these sequences.

    Trav the bean » 25 Jul 2011 » Reply

    maybe they like facing the fight head on… sort of a challenge for them. As for not feeling them enter her place… goblins and mostly immune to the weave and can pass through weave protected areas without being noticed.

Glennnn » 20 Jul 2011 » Reply

Something tells me she didn't count on the newest uninvited guest!
Will Momma have an "Oh yeah? Take that!" for this one???

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