The Bean 278
The Bean 278
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It is about time- I am pushing to take Bean to the next level in book format. No I am not redoing it. I just think it is time to start putting the individual comics together as trades. So Books 1-4 will make The Bean vol 1: Riddles and Shrooms.  Now to do this I realized that I did not have the funds to make it happen, yet. So over the weekend I put together a kickstarter project. This allows anyone to help fund the book.

The way kickstarter works is with an all or nothing philosophy. We raise or beat the amount asked which gets the book funded or if miss the goal, nobody loses anything and the project is not funded. The cool thing is every pledge made gets a reward. And I made the rewards good.

To do bean as a graphic novel I need $5000 –  Since the project started 2 days ago – we over 20% funded. I am excited about it.  I figured if 200 people pledged the $25 mark we would make the goal. If you notice on the left you can watch our progress. We have less than 60 days to fund this:)

The cool thing about kickstarter is they make it possible for artist and creators to achieve their goals. So come help and lets make the graphic novel a reality.

See my kickstarter project – The bean vol 1 (a compilation of issues 1 to 4)

I have had a lot of fun putting this together and Thank You for all your support in making this possible.



Zimriel » 1 Apr 2017 » Reply

What is this new devilry…

Trav the bean » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

I think every character is important- even the goblins and we might get to know a few of them later:)

Dormin » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

What I love from this comic is that EVERY character is awesome in his own way (every character NAMED of course; the goblins exist only to be killed, at it should be :))

guest » 2 Aug 2011 » Reply

Did somebody orderd a dragon?

Mercy » 1 Aug 2011 » Reply

Where did that high ridge Bean is standing on come from?

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