The Bean 24
The Bean 24
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dreambigadGood Morning- we have updated 24 pages today – with the help of those participating in patreon. It has been amazing how this program has begun the process of making this dream a reality. I am humbled by the kindness and motivated by the support of my patrons. You are what make this a reality.

A few more weeks and we should be done with chapter 1. I am really excited about it. I also hope that those that are following can see the b/w work that has been going up. Page 601 updated yesterday.

Also I have been posting some new prints as well and other pieces in my store. The biggest news is that Tanner Jones and the Hunt for the Monkey Stone is almost done.  I will be sending out those survey’s soon – very very soon.

Well keep creating, Keep dreaming and always look for the bright side of what life has to offer.



Karyl » 4 Apr 2011 » Reply

Yep, it is is the only way it's contracted; the possessives seem to be mislaid lately. Nobody adequately seems to use yours,its, his(this one is still rightly used mostly), hers, theirs, as indicated, but add apostrophes when not needed at all.!

Novil » 24 Dec 2010 » Reply

Should be “its power grows” not “it’s”.

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