The Bean 25
The Bean 25
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dreambigadGood morning- I hope you enjoy todays update- I am a little under the weather at the moment- but I am pushing through it.

More art and colors to come-

Keep creating and thank you



Some Guy » 7 Jul 2011 » Reply

And this man has lost me, I fear, for even though his lines are clear, the meaning is mystic, the path overgrown, and seemingly sown with evils unknown. Alas, I can only conclude that Bean will be surprised when he comes to. Perhaps this is but an interlude, and the true story begins when the boy wakes up again. But, perhaps lacking are reason and rhyme, which in out world have place and time, but in this world mean something more. What divides truth and mystic lore? Only time will tell, for time does tick, and time passing quick does make me sick. If there is no time to enjoy the simple things, then one will end up like the boy – living with worry and clipped wings.

I love epics, by the way, but I think that's obvious.

    Ray Bingham » 20 Sep 2014 » Reply

    The Collector's a very old red-rock troll. He's a weaver and losing his mind. All Weavers lose their minds over time, the Red Rock Trolls can hold their sanity the longest. Weavers use rhyme to keep back the madness and calm the urge to indulge the Weave, which is akin to a very powerful drug for the weaver. The Collector remembers a time when the city under the forest was alive with life and fights the shame and madness of his past horrible mistakes…

      Trav the bean » 21 Sep 2014 » Reply

      why aren't you setting up my wikipedia page ray???? huh??? 🙂

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