The Bean 290
The Bean 290
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To all those wondering where gort was, well here he is and doing what he does best. Also we are at $5800 on the pledges….

The Kickstarter Project

$15 gets you a copy of the book and FREE Shipping, plus your name printed in the book as well. So if you want a copy before they become a available to the public in Nov and your name in the book… just put in a pledge. Everything is appreciated. We have 35 days left before everything goes through and I could not have done this without you. Thanks- Click here to pledge!

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Jeffersmurf » 1 May 2014 » Reply

I love how Gort is like "I will kill you Siv" and Siv's just like "Take a number and get in that line over there"

Andy » 30 Aug 2011 » Reply

more like "if YOU want to live stick by the ogre!" 😀
weren't there 2 ogres, or am i recalling wrong?

    MarkS » 30 Aug 2011 » Reply

    Groggle left to find Bean.

      Andy » 1 Sep 2011 » Reply

      right, and was never seen again! 🙂
      thanks mate

Chrisser » 30 Aug 2011 » Reply

Love seeing Gort being a bad-ass, nice to know he can do more than bully poor Bean an Ravna. Things are starting to get pretty intense, the pacing of the story is perfect in my opinion. Keep up the amazing work sir!

@Rafnasil » 29 Aug 2011 » Reply

Ravna is more along the lines of "Less talking, more hacking!" She looks very focused and furious.

    Trav the bean » 29 Aug 2011 » Reply

    she is focused my dear, its all about survival – and i would take it that you would be just as focused if faced by a swarm of angry goblins.

ICommentToomUch » 29 Aug 2011 » Reply

Siv is so cool.
These last few pages have been great! I can't help but love The Bean even more.

    Trav the bean » 29 Aug 2011 » Reply

    i like siv as well. I am glad you are enjoying the last few pages. I think the buildup to this point has been well worth it.

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