The Bean 27
The Bean 27
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dreambigadGood morning. What an incredible adventure this is turning out to be. I am so glad you are along for the ride. I have never expected to see this comic in color and watching it unfold has been incredible. We still are plugging away at the color pages.

I am curious though what people think of the new look and feel for the bean pages. So if you have thoughts, opinions, advice please by all means let me know. I love hearing from you and I love reading the comments. Your comments help make this story sooooo much better.

Well this weekend is the Long Beach Comic Con and I am looking forward to being there, with soooo many incredible and great people. If you want a Free Sketch just stop by the booth.

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Dranorter » 10 Mar 2018 » Reply

For anyone reading archives years later like me — I agree with the author that comments brighten up a comic! Don't be afraid to comment on an ancient page 😉 after all, you're reading this comment apparently!

Megaben » 25 Sep 2014 » Reply

Although I see Groggle as nothing but a positive figure, it occurs to me that if anyone looked at this page without reading any of the previous ones, they'd see a giant green monster wielding a cleaver and a bloody apron, calling out the name of the main character in the dead of night. It's funny what context can do to a page.

Salman » 7 Feb 2014 » Reply

that moon won my heart. I'm reading with you to the very end!

Smitty » 31 Aug 2010 » Reply

Mmmm… broken moon. Can't see that ending well

Jon Ross » 5 Jul 2010 » Reply

Great artwork! Looks like a solid webcomic- congrats!

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